The aim of the industry is to recruit and train people of all ages so they can have a career in the roofing industry. The Government funded Roof Slating and Tiling Apprenticeship is an excellent way to provide workers with the foundation for an exciting and rewarding career in roofing.

The Roof Slating and Tiling Apprenticeship is a Level 2 training and qualification programme that consists of 3 training days per month for a period of 16 months at our dedicated roofing training centres in either Exeter or Melksham.

It has been specifically designed for delegates who want to achieve an academic qualification in roofing while gaining real work experience with an employer.

What Will an Apprentice Learn?

A roofing Apprentice will learn how to install a range of roofing materials and products at height either on a building site, or in domestic or commercial premises.

Topics include:

carrying out a range of job tasks including measuring, marking out, fitting, finishing, positioning and securing installing plain tiles, interlocking tiles, natural slates and fibre-cement slates Install underlay, battens and related roofing components installing pre-formed lead and/or proprietary flashings installing dry and wet fixed products to verges, hips, ridge and valleys installing insulation and ventilation products for warm and cold roof construction Install roof windows and flashing kit.


The final stage of the apprenticeship is an off-site End Point Assessment – an independent assessor will arrange to visit the delegate and through discussion surrounding the delegate’s portfolio, practical and theory assessment will determine if the apprentice has developed the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the apprenticeship standards.

On certificate, the delegate will be able to apply for their Blue Skills Workers CSCS card.

This programme is available to anybody over the age of 16, however all delegates need to be PAYE employees.

Apprenticeship Funding

For delegates aged 16 – 18 years:

Fully funded by the Government

For delegates aged 19 or older:

The Government will fund 95% of the cost of the Apprenticeship with the employer funding the remaining 5%. This means a maximum one off fee of £550 + VAT per delegate is required.

For delegates aged between 16 – 18 years:

An additional incentive payment of £1k is claimable from the government which can to be used to help support the Apprentice.

For delegates aged between 19 – 24 years:

An additional incentive payment of £1k is claimable from the government if the delegate has an active Educational Health Plan to be used to help support the Apprentice.

Including fully funded functional skills if required regardless of age

What you can use the payment for

This payment is paid to you in 2 parts; £500 is paid after 90 days from start of the Apprenticeship, and the remaining £500 is paid after 365 days.

You can use the incentive payment to cover the costs of taking on an Apprentices. For example, uniform, travel costs, or their salary.

You do not have to pay the incentive back if the Apprentice leaves your organisation.

How to apply

You do not need to apply for this incentive – it will be automatically paid to you.

Additional CITB Funding for Members – claimed on your behalf

  • £2.5k attendance Year 1
  • £2.5k attendance Year 2
  • £3.5k completion grant at the end of the programme

Attendance Grant

This is payable up until the Apprentice’s last day of learning or the typical duration of the standard, whichever is earlier.

You will receive £625.00 every quarter for the whole duration of the Apprenticeship.

You will be eligible for attendance grants once your apprentice has completed 13 weeks of continuous contracted employment.

Completion Grant

This is payable on achievement of the Level 2 Apprenticeship.

Registering a Delegate

For further information, please contact Nichola Smith, Group Training Officer on: 01395 233667 / 07525120958 or